Hyeong- Tae

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The artist, Moon Hyeong-Tae has expressed his daily routines, experiences and surrounding incidents ingeniously.

In his artworks, extremely ordinary materials maximize his own sense thanks to thick and splendid colors of matiere and physical properties of paints. Although his artworks are similar to documentary in a sense that they describe himself in daily life and surrounding routines, its distorted shapes and senses of colors well expose surrealistic sense beyond daily routine which the artist experiences.

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Moon Hyeong-Tae, 

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Moon Hyeong-Tae, 

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Moon Hyeong-Tae, Pinocchio, oil on canvas, 116.8x91.0, 2016

Moon Hyeong-Tae, magician, oil on canvas, 91.0x116.8, 2016

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Moon Hyeong-Tae, Mechanic, oil on canvas, 53.0x45.5cm, 2017